TieTee Collection

TieTee: Where Modern Tie Graphic T-Shirts Embody a Blend of Minimalistic Coolness.

"Tie loyalty and kindness around your neck..." Proverbs 3:3

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A little About Us

Introducing the TieTee Collection, a heartfelt custom t-shirt design with a special backstory. This unique line of Tie T-shirts was initially created for my nephew, who has autism. It incorporates his beloved elements of ties, fans, and favorite shapes, aiming to bring him joy. Now, we are excited to share these designs with others and see their response. We hope that these designs resonate with you as much as they do with us.

Our vision for the future of the TieTee Collection doesn't stop there. We aspire to expand this line to include unique customization options for fundraisers, company logos, and even custom patterns created by the customer themselves. We want to make each t-shirt a truly personal expression of individuality and purpose.

We are testing the market before we create these in house. We warmly invite you to share your feedback, preferences, and suggestions. We value the input of this unique t-shirt niche and would love to hear your thoughts. Please email us at Support@infusedbytheword.com with any input, critique, or compliments. Your contributions will help us shape TieTee into a brand that resonates deeply with our valued customers.